Manual Seat Repair Kit 99-04 Grand Cherokee


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Fix your 1999-2004 Cherokee or Grand Cherokee Manual (non power) adjust seats; with the new manual repair kit. Specifically designed for the manual set problem this new kit includes 2 sets of reinforcing plates to strengthen your broken seat.

NOTE: This kit is ONLY for manual seats. The Power Seat Kit is the only solution for electric power adjust seats.


The problem with your manual seat is the steel it's made from is way undersized. In addition to this the mounting rails are formed with a 1 inch spacer lifting the strong under mount points away from the weak seat. This produces a high stress point over a small area that over time rips the bolts through the seat steel.


Once installed the manual repair kit will strengthen your seat and insulate it from the high stress point created by the mounts. Also by using all 3 mounting holes and larger fender washers (included) the new kit will ensure that your seat isn't further damaged.