Jeep Seat Wobbling or Clicking? September 07 2013

So you bought your Jeep Grand Cherokee new and have loved it for 10+ years but lately something just doesn't seem right. When you get in or out to go to work you've heard it. The dreaded 'click click' or crunch. If you're like me you've probably tried to get a good look at the seat but there isn't much to see from the floorboards.

So we go about our business and think one day we'll get back to it and track down that click. Then it starts, the seat just feels 'loose' or wobbly. You go around a curve and feel the need to brace yourself against the door a little because something just doesn't seem right.

Ok well enough of that, you've got a broke jeep seat. It happened to me and it's probably happened to you. The subframe that gives you the ability to adjust the seat up and down is made of sheet metal that was designed for weight reduction instead of strength. An engineer somewhere worked it out on paper, all seat metal should be a minimum of x thickness and the designer ran with it.

The result is that after 10 years of carrying us around our jeep seat has had enough.

We can fix your wobbly jeep seat

The good news is your seat can be better than even before it broke. Fed up I took my seat apart and redesigned it with a metal thickness based on a friends F150 seat metal thickness. I then contacted a factory in the US to fabricate a better solution than welding. In a few weeks the first shipment showed up and I installed it and never looked back.

That was 3 years ago and to this day the seat is the strongest thing on my jeep (well 2nd strongest, that 4.0 is a beast) and will outlive the rest of the jeep.