My Story - Jeep Seat Bracket

In 2010 Jeep Seat Bracket was founded in Knoxville TN in response to a need to provide a suitable replacement for the Jeep Grand Cherokee seat track. With over 10 years in design and product development our founder duplicated and improved the existing seat frame mechanism and approached a US based manufacturer to produce them. Since then we have sold kits to satisfied customers in the US and internationally.

The Jeep Seat Bracket Story - by Jeep Seat Founder Brad

In 2009 my Jeep Grand Cherokee seat started clicking. Within 1 month the seat began to wobble. Investigating revealed 3 of the 4 mounting points had completely sheared off leaving my seat barely hanging in place. Luckily I realized it before it broke while driving. I set out on a 9 month process to find a suitable replacement.

  • First Repair Attempt: I welded it and lost up and down range of motion. Time to Break: 4 months.
  • Second Repair Attempt: 10 jeeps in 2 junkyards no available frames. Everyone had this problem.
  • Final Repair Designed the Jeep Seat Bracket kit and fixed it for good.